Luna Moth Suncatcher and DIY Kit

I’m so excited to offer my newest Luna Moth Suncatcher design! I’ve been wanting to tackle a luna moth art piece for a while, and am elated to finally breathe some life into this beauty! 

Instructional Video:

  • Everyone who ordered a kit was sent the password. 
  • SECRET: the password can be found in your DIY kit. 
  • It is the last item listed on the full size picture.
  • Hint: It has this many letters and numbers: ???? ?????? ?# 
  • Type that item just as it appears with the spaces and capitals.
  • Feel free to contact us if you need help. 😁
  • 🥰 We are so grateful for your support!!! 😭 

Also: There are 22 chapters and speed controls up to 2x. Left and Right arrow jumps back/forward 5 seconds. Space bar pauses and plays. Hope that helps! 

Description & Build Story

This has been our most popular wall art / sun catcher so far. We had requests to offer it as a sun catcher DIY kit; so we did! Backed by pre-orders, we made a limited run of 10 DIY kits. Phew! So much work, but people loved them, and they are sold out.

Contact us on Instagram or Facebook if you'd like to back another run! Follow us to get updates! They are $149 and pre-order backers get $129 as a thank you.

The instructional video will be posted here when we are done shooting it. 

Every aspect of this Luna Moth was conceived, sketched on paper, designed, hand-formed from different gauges of raw Copper and Brass wire*, hammered and wrapped together by me.  

Tiffany's (& Co.) dragonflies and insect designs are just magical, so, feeling inspired, I designed an art noveau luna moth and made it from scratch. Our official release date was Sept 8, 2020. I have enough supplies to make a few more, but this will be a limited run thanks to 2020. Link to Shop 😜 😇 

Lun Moth Suncatcher by Margay and Binturong

Featuring hand formed tiny little moons for accents in the wings, hand formed wire-wrapped stars, and chock full of ultra sparkly Swarovski Crystals, with a big, juicy natural clear Quartz gemstone teardrop as the body! ✨ I think this sweet bebe would look so perfect in a room decorated with a bunch of plants. 😍🌿🌱

✨ Featuring approx. 107 total gemstones and crystals! 🙀
🌙 Made of all solid Brass and Copper components
*Natural oxidation may occur, which just adds a lovely antiqued patina to the piece.
🌙 Two Aura Quartz Crystal points drops
✨ Luna Moth is approx. 6 inches long from antennae to wing tails x 6.25 inches wide. (May vary slightly as these are handmade.) Full hanging length is 11 inches.

For best enjoyment, hanging in direct sunlight is highly recommended (tiny rainbows and reflections everywhere), but not required! It’ll bring you good vibes wherever you put it. 💕 Fantastic as gifts or just as a treat for yourself to lift your spirits or fill your day with some beauty and wonder. 🥰

I work tirelessly and put so much meticulous care and attention into my Suncatchers, and it warms my heart to over the years have customers who cherish and love the pieces they've taken home. Thank you all for supporting our art!

I would love to answer any questions you may have about the design or creation process. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! ^_^


Art Nouveau Luna Moth Wall Art by Margay & Binturong