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Solar System Necklace made with gemstones in Sterling Silver

Solar System Necklace made with gemstones in Sterling Silver

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⭐️ Length: adjustable— 21 inches to 23 inches.
⭐️ Pluto optional.
⭐️ Sterling Silver. Lobster claw clasp.

This astronomy-themed necklace has been crafted with love, care, and entirely too much thought. 😝 I wanted to make a Solar System necklace that is not only beautiful and contemporary, but also as accuraretly representative as possible, while still being aesthetically pleasing in the context of a piece of jewelry.

It all started with an idea: I thought it would be so fun to use Sunstone as the focal piece. I researched and found a Cornell University article about the true colors of the planets, as well as their relative sizes. I then spent several days thinking and looking at different potential gemstones to use, and after probably too much consideration (about the sizes and colors), I’m super happy with the result! I thought it would be fun to represent the different aspects of space, so I decided on blackened Sterling Silver as the backdrop, and some sparkling gems opposite of the planets, to represent twinkling stars and asteroids. ⭐️

I hope all the thought and energy put into creating this sweet little beauty brings some joy to astronomy-lovers and sci-fi geeks alike. ❤️ 🌏💫

Included with this necklace is a correlating list of gemstones / planets and gift box.

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