Crystal Suncatcher Design Proofs
Crystal Suncatcher Design Proofs

Crystal Suncatcher Design Proofs

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This is a non-refundable deposit for design proofs for a custom suncatcher. Should you decide to have the design made, the deposit amount will be credited to the finished piece upon purchase. Once your deposit has been made, we will contact you with a design proof, usually within a few weeks. The deposit covers the initial design, plus any reasonable revisions that result from our ensuing collaboration. This is *very* exciting for us. 😆 We look forward to working with you!!! 😺😺😺

Please note: Custom designs are subject to availability. We can only do about 2 per month. Preliminary details will have been discussed beforehand via phone, text, email, dm, or similar. If you haven't already discussed your custom design with us, please contact us using one of those methods. And if we love your idea/custom piece, we reserve the right to reuse the design. 💖

If you are unsure if you would like a custom-designed crystal suncatcher, here is more info.

Margay & Binturong have designed and made hundreds of beaded suncatchers. We started in 2015. Back then, no one knew what crystal suncatchers were, and we had to explain to people: "These are suncatchers for windows. They bounce sparkles around the room." Five years later, people know what they are! 🤗 We often hear them called 

"light catchers" and "rainbow makers". Whatever they may be called, we are happy to hear it.  We have seen Tiff's designs get millions of pins on Pinterest, and these days designing and making suncatchers and suncatcher diy kits occupies a good portion of our time.  

People regularly contact us to make custom suncatcher designs. If that's you: THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! 😆 The design process involves trial and error, planning, imagining, drawing, and starting over. Even a seemingly simple request "Can you make one of those, but in all blue beads?" can take hours to pull and sort the beads, or it can require a special order from a supplier. More adventurous design requests can take days! All that happens before we send out a preliminary design for approval, and we usually make a couple adjustments after showing you the initial proofs.

We appreciate your support during that critical stage of the design process!!! We want you to be happy with the finished result! You bring the ideas; we bring the tools, a huge inventory of materials, know how, and years of experience guiding our customers through this process.

Popular styles include our rain cloud, butterfly, and dragonfly suncatchers. More recently we designed and crowd-funded a luna moth suncatcher. We have converted pictures of people's tattoos - all sorts of things for all kinds of people. 

We usually use Swarovski crystals mixed with other crystals to make the finished product more affordable. However, you can request all beads be Swarovoski crystals if you like. As of Nov 2020 Swarovski announced the discontinuation of a large number of beads we use, so we will be unable to make all-Swarovski suncatchers sometime in 2021. 

If you'd like a 100% natural crystal and gemstone suncatcher, that is also available. However, be aware natural, sun-resistant materials are limited and usually cost a little more. They also look a little less sparkly than man-made; but the energy and vibes of natural crystals are more meaningful to some folks, so we offer that option as well. ✨😊✨ 

Thanks so much for checking us out! We hope to hear from you!!!

- Micah & Tiff