Where we get our supplies!

Where we get our supplies!

So you may have noticed, finding good suppliers and raw materials/tools can be a tedious process that takes hours upon hours, weeks, or even years! 🙀 We’ve spent the last 8 years building our knowledge.

We are asked constantly where we buy our goods, and we’ve never really shared much. We often want to, but it’s hard to let go of all our efforts to everyone who asks— the searching, the research, the trial and error (even complete losses! 💸 <— that’s money flying away lol 🙈).

However, we recently became Amazon Affiliates! Which means we can share and have our efforts supported, at no cost to you! 🥳 We earn a small commission from qualifying purchases from the links below. 💕 

This is a great way to help us while also saving yourself a ton of time, since we’ve already done the research! Check back for updated items, or comment if you have any specific questions! 🤓


Metal Polishing

~ Polishing Cream for Silver, with sponge, 8oz:

~ Polishing Cream for Brass, Bronze, Copper; with sponge; 8 oz:

~ Polishing Cloth for Sterling, Gold, Brass, Copper; 3-pack:

Packaging Supplies

 ~ Recycled Kraft Box, square 3.5" x 3.5" x 1", 16 pack:

~ ⬆️  100 pack:

~ Recycled Kraft Box, small 2.5" x 1.5" x 1", 100 pack:

~ Paper Raffia Ribbon, two-tone Sage Green 100 yards:

~ Paper Raffia Ribbon, two-tone Lavender 100 yards:

~ Recycled Kraft Bubble Mailer, 4" x 8", 50 pack:

~ Recycled Kraft Bubble Mailer, 6" x 10", 25 pack:

~ ⬆️ 50 pcs:


Wire Wrapping

~ Beginner set of 3 Jewelry Pliers (wire cutters, round-nose, and chain-nose):


~ 24 gauge Bare Copper Wire, 20 yards:


~ 24 gauge Non-Tarnish Copper Wire, 33 yards:

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