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"Horizon" Dragonfly Crystal Ball Suncatcher, 18k Gold-Plated Sun Window Charm with ombré prisms

"Horizon" Dragonfly Crystal Ball Suncatcher, 18k Gold-Plated Sun Window Charm with ombré prisms

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Introducing our new line of Crystal Ball suncatchers, designed to be long and sleek hanging accents to dress your windows! 🪟🌈✨ Collect them all and hang them at tiered heights to have an arrangement of crystal balls with different designs to adorn your space!

I wanted a counterpart to our "Eventure" Dragonfly design (night-themed), so I’ve paired warm gold tones with brilliant sky blues and greens arranged in an ombré/gradient. 💚🩵💙

The super-detailed 14k Gold-Plated Dragonfly has 4 glittering prisms dangling from its wings, with a plump crystal prism inside an 18k Gold-Plated Sun above. ☀️✨

I added some fresh green with a leafy sprig to capture the emerging life after a soak in sun rays, with the colors slowly shifting to aqua and dark teal. (My fave colors 🙃)

🌈 Featuring 10 different shades of color, with 6 focal prisms (including your choice of rainbow-maker prism ball), for a total of 13 crystals.

🌙 Full hanging length: approx. 15-16 inches.  
💫 Gold ring for hanging (hooks not included).

So many variations in design, each Window Charm unique! Collect them all and switch them out to your whimsy, or with the change of seasons! ☀️🍁❄️🌿

If you hang this indoors in direct sunlight, it causes a spray of rainbows to shoot across the walls in the room. 😍 Fantastic as gifts or just as a treat for yourself to brighten your day every time you glance at it sparkling in the sun. ☺️

We use some of the best crystal in the world! We’ve spent almost a decade collecting unusual gems, crystals, in a ton of colors to achieve beautiful ombré/color gradients. We hope these special pieces bring you as much joy as they do me!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! ^_^

Processing Time

Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for us to work through our order queue and finish/ship your goodies! ⚒️💥

(Although I do often finish things faster than that.) Tracking emails will be sent as soon as we ship! 💌

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