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Mini Firefly Jar Suncatcher with Blue/Purple Ombré, Magic Potion Bottle with Crystal Prisms and Mushrooms

Mini Firefly Jar Suncatcher with Blue/Purple Ombré, Magic Potion Bottle with Crystal Prisms and Mushrooms

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This Mini Firefly Jar is part of our Potion Bottle Series, featuring more fireflies than last year! đŸ˜ș

Our Special Collection pieces often involve many different forms of metalsmithing— like hand-sawing metal, metal forming, brazing, sanding, polishing, patina, wire work— and this Suncatcher is no different! đŸ€“

The mushrooms are entirely handforged (not cast) from sheet metal and wire, and polished to a high shine. 🍄✹

Three happy little fireflies dance inside the jar, with dazzling, crystal-encrusted orbs to represent their glow, featuring 3 different shades of color arranged in an ombré/gradient to give the illusion of light!

Delicate aura crystals and stars dangle alongside the fireflies to give off an essence of *magic* and wonder, like soft sparks of light in the distance.

Featuring 7 focal clear and Aura crystals, for a whopping total of 130 crystals, all meticulously arranged into gradients/ombrés. 
Contains 20 rare/discontinued crystals. 

Please note that raw copper and brass will darken with age. Includes a polishing cloth.

🔼 Bottle Dimensions: 5" tall x 3" wide.
🌙 Hanging Length
: approx. 13.5 inches

💜 All of our Potion Bottle Suncatchers are incredibly painstaking to design and plan, with many trials and errors during the construction process (having so many fabricated and hanging parts makes the physics hard to predict). They’re incredibly involved pieces that I put so much time, love and sheer, raw effort into— it truly feels like each piece contains a piece of my life. To hear from you that they are the least bit appreciated nourishes my freakin’ soul! đŸ€§ So thank you for supporting our art. 💜

Processing Time

Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for us to work through our order queue and finish/ship your goodies! âš’ïžđŸ’„

(Although I do often finish things faster than that.) Tracking emails will be sent as soon as we ship! 💌

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