Who is Margay B?

Oh haaayyyyyy! 👋

You may know us as the sparkle-obsessed Suncatcher and jewelry makers called Margay B. 🤓

Contrary to popular belief, neither of us is named Margay! Lol.

We are Micah and Tiff, located in Southern California— a loving duo in life and in business, who started crafting and creating in 2013, thanks to Micah’s insistence that we take up a creative hobby (and "see if we can make it pay for itself").

Margay B began with leather and stone, selling our wares and traveling throughout California, Arizona, and New Mexico! It was fun, it was hard work, and it was an adventure— but I’m a child of the internet, so working online is much preferred. 🙃

Shortly after our start, I felt called to metal and started making suncatchers and fell in love. We now work strictly in metal, crystal, and gemstone.

You may know this about me already, but if not— I have a raging, uncontrollable sparkle addiction. 😅💸  I obsess over details. I’m super indecisive. And I’m a perfectionist (not a great combo lol). I’m a well-socialized introvert, have the sense of humor of a 12 year old (fart jokes plz 💨), and love comics and cats. 😺

Micah is the captain of our ship. He’s the reason Margay B exists— he’s guided our hobby-turned-full-blown-business from the beginning, and he’s a huge influence in our designs. He’s offhandedly creative and thinks unconventionally (the best ideas are often a result of him tweaking my designs lol). Micah has experience in a machine shop, so my love for metal has been nurtured by his knowledge and wisdom. He’s an extrovert who enjoys watermarbling, paper craft, metal work, and following MMA. And he has a wheeze-laugh. 🤣 

We LOVE what we do, and we love you for allowing us to imbue this reverence and passion into our creations. We are forever grateful for you. 🙏😘 💕

It’s been a decade of building our skills, knowledge, and collection of tools and sparklies (more plz). Here’s to (hopefully) many more decades of sparkle and joy! 🥂💖✨ 

Firefly Mason jar Suncatcher


~ Tiff & Micah


Fun Fact: a Margay is an exotic, spotted, South American wild cat that lives its entire life in trees. 🐆 One of only 2-3 species that can fully rotate its ankles 180°, allowing it to perch head-down on a tree trunk just like squirrels do! 🙀

The "B" in Margay B stands for "Binturong," an unusual southeast Asian bearcat, one of the few carnivorous mammals with a prehensile tail! It also has an evolutionary quirk that makes them smell like popcorn to humans. 😆

I chose this name long ago (because of my love of weird/quirky animals), not realizing it would be impossible for people to remember and spell, so it is now abbreviated. 😂🙃