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*Luxe* Ombré Pastel Rainbow Crystal Waterfall earrings, Sterling Silver or 14k Gold-Filled

*Luxe* Ombré Pastel Rainbow Crystal Waterfall earrings, Sterling Silver or 14k Gold-Filled

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(Ok, so I’m starting a whole series of these Luxe Waterfall earrings. Is it absolutely insane to have/use this many colors of these fancy prism drops? Yes, but I’m completely obsessed, I’ve wanted to do this for so long lol.)

Introducing our Luxe Pastel Rainbow— a delightful cascade of prism crystal drops, playful and spirited in color and in dance! 💗💜🩵

I‘Ve spent a decade meticulously collecting the finest gems and crystals, just so the ombré gradients of my dreams can finally bear fruit! 🥹

These are crafted with the best crystals in the world!
Radiating opulence, each droplet is carefully cut for unparalleled brilliance, ensuring every facet catches and reflects light in a breathtaking display. (No but seriously lol)

These earrings feature a gradient of 7 pastel colors (including 2 rare/discontinued colors), from violet to sky blues to peachy pinks. 👚🩵🍏🍋🍑🌸✨

May these enchanting jewels uplift and renew with the energy of spring!

Featuring 7 shades of color in 2 different shapes/sizes; a total of 14 gem-cut luxe water drop Crystals packed into these earrings! 🤯✨✨

Metal options:
💎 Sterling Silver (earring hooks also)
💎 14k Gold Filled (earrings hooks also)
💎 Stainless Steel (doesn’t tarnish), Sterling Silver earring hooks

• approx. 3.1 inches

We use some of the best crystal in the world! We’ve spent almost a decade collecting unusual gems, crystals, in a ton of colors to achieve beautiful ombré/color gradients. It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to share these with you. We hope these special pieces bring you as much joy as they do me! 🥹 

Processing Time

Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for us to work through our order queue and finish/ship your goodies! ⚒️💥

(Although I do often finish things faster than that.) Tracking emails will be sent as soon as we ship! 💌

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