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Handmade Curling Fern Mini Suncatcher Featuring Wire-Wrapped Crystal Prisms

Handmade Curling Fern Mini Suncatcher Featuring Wire-Wrapped Crystal Prisms

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These fun, spiraling/curling fern-inspired mini Suncatchers sprouted into my mind abruptly and demanded to grow into existence. The idea struck me and I immediately had to take to pen and paper to draft the design, and I couldn’t step away until they were finished! That doesn’t happen often. Usually I ruminate on a design for entirely too long. 😝 I thought it might be fun to have two different designs to choose from, and for people to be able to customize the color of their heart. Choices are: blue, purple, amber brown. 💙💜🧡

💎 Featuring 38 total Crystal prisms/beads, in 9 different shades of color, including 3 focal crystal drops that display multi-color reflections. 🤩

💎 Full hanging length:

  • Design A: approx. 9 inches.
  • Design B: approx. 8.5 inches.

💎 Copper frames hand-formed and hammered by me.

So what makes these Crystal Prisms so special? They are some of the best crystal in the world, known for being the highest quality, precision-cut Crystal that can be produced. These crystal manufacturers have been in business for over a century. They originally sought to "make a diamond for everyone" by making crystals affordable, but with comparable brilliance and ultra-sparkle that diamonds are known for. 😍✨ Their crystal-making process still remains a secret today; so secretive that they do not allow tours of their factory, and the closest you can get is taking a photograph of their outer compound.

If you hang this indoors under direct sunlight, it causes tiny little rainbow flecks to shoot all across the walls in the room. 😍 Fantastic as gifts or just as a treat for yourself to brighten your day every time you glance at it sparkling in the sun. ☺️

I work tirelessly and put so much meticulous care and attention into my Suncatchers, and it warms my heart to, over the years, have customers who cherish and love the pieces they've taken home. I would love to answer any questions you may have about the design or creation process. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! ^_^


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(Although I do often finish things faster than that.) Tracking emails will be sent as soon as we ship! 💌

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