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Gemstone Solar System Prism Car Charm Suncatcher, celestial planetary hanger made with crystals and Brass

Gemstone Solar System Prism Car Charm Suncatcher, celestial planetary hanger made with crystals and Brass

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This astronomy-themed car charm is inspired by our Solar System Bracelet, which I spent way too long researching and finding the perfect gemstones for, so I thought "WHAT IF I MADE THIS INTO A CAR CHARM TOOOO!??!??" 😆

The sizes and colors of each planet are based off research I did from a Cornell University article about the true colors of the planets, as well as their relative sizes. 🌌
Featuring 9 different gemstones that took me SO long to deliberate and find (also because I’m picky 🤪). AND, because I’m also indecisive, I made a sparkly prism version! Lol. 

I’m super happy with these turned out. I hope all the thought and energy put into creating this glittering little cosmos brings some joy to astronomy-lovers and sci-fi geeks alike. ❤️ 🌏💫

💎 Gem Version includes 10 total gemstones.
🌙 Crystalline Version— 8 different color prisms, including 3 rare/discontinued, and 2 gemstones.
🪨 Raw Quartz Point.
☀️ Plump Aura Crystal ball focal inside a highly polished brass sun.
🪐 Handmade adjustable hook + chain for hanging around rear view mirror.
✨ Includes a correlating list of gemstones / planets and polishing cloth.
🌑 Includes Pluto (but feel free to leave a note on your order if you’re a Pluto hater. 😝)

So many variations in design, each Car Charm unique! Collect them all and switch them out to your whimsy, or with the change of seasons! ☀️🍁❄️🌿

If you hang this indoors in direct sunlight, it causes a spray of rainbows to shoot across the walls in the room. 😍 Fantastic as gifts or just as a treat for yourself to brighten your day every time you glance at it sparkling in the sun. ☺️

We use some of the best crystal in the world! We’ve spent almost a decade collecting unusual gems, crystals, in a ton of colors to achieve beautiful ombré/color gradients. We hope these special pieces bring you as much joy as they do me!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! ^_^

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(Although I do often finish things faster than that.) Tracking emails will be sent as soon as we ship! 💌

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